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‘The Flow State’ with Yoga and Meditation

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Have you ever wondered when you have been your happiest self? That probably must have been when the time just passed you by and you were in a ‘ flow state’ where you indulged in an activity that challenges you but helps you utilize your skills that are unique to you. It is during this ‘flow state’ that you utilize your skills, qualities, and potential to the best of your abilities! For me, my ‘ flow state ‘ occurs when I indulge in deep meaningful conversations, or I am reading, reflecting and discussing ideas or helping someone to realize their potential better.

The unique part of being in one ‘flow state’ is that you are completely aware of what you are doing in the current moment, and are neither distracted by the past or the future or any other external force that could disturb you in that activity. You feel accomplished, confident and your self-esteem heightens. This gives you a sense of satisfaction like none other. When you move from one ‘ flow state ‘ to another, you feel a deep sense of satisfaction as if your life has purpose or meaning. You are completely alive in the moment.

Being Mindful, learning to be in that ‘flow state’ requires you to have a conducive environment for the same, and your mind and body must be in harmony.  Yoga is a mindful activity that is the physical expression of the ‘flow state’, this mindfulness mode of physical movement therefore helps you harmonize your mind and body.  For instance, some people who regularly do yoga and give up old patterns of emotional eating, eating too much, or vice versa and automatically shift to healthier habits that are good for our mind and body.

Every time you experience a ‘flow state’ in yoga, you become more self-aware of your mind and body. This self-awareness of the condition of your body shifts your state of mind to only accept what is good for your body. Its Long-term effects are tremendous.

 Meditation is a mindfulness technique that trains your mind to stay calm under both pleasant and adverse situations so that you can accept every situation as it comes, and you understand the impermanence of everything in life. It is not just an extra activity that you are encouraged to do in your routine life, but it is a condition that can be used to anchor your life. An early morning meditation helps you to calm your mind and embrace the day with more awareness and acceptance. It fills you up with love and you are all set to conquer the day. Similarly, an evening meditation sitting helps you to let go of all problems that may have occurred in the day. The ultimate aim is to lead a meditative life, one where you have an objective view of your thoughts and actions. When this condition is prolonged over a period of time you not only achieve excellence in every sphere of your life, you also attain a feeling of calmness, happiness and love that you have the capacity to share with others in your family and work life.

The Zen Ladder helps you to live a life of purpose and meaning as you try to indulge more into activities that help me experience my ‘flow state’!

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