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Plan 4

Advanced Plan  (for study in India and abroad) ( 12 Plus Sessions as Required- Rs. 89999)

For students who want to discover their personality, define and work towards their life and career goals, to build a holistic lifestyle, values, and aspirations that would shape their entire life and also gain assistance for profile building and college admissions abroad.

Pre-test consultation- Understanding the student’s needs and creating a plan of action for the student

Psychometric Test- Evaluating the child’s personality, aptitude and interests to see what kind of streams, careers, extra-curricular would be suitable for him.

Report- The Psychometric test report would give us details about specific areas of the child’s personality that helps us in recognizing his unique personality traits and harness them to cultivate his ideal career and life.

College List Creation- The student would be guided in selecting colleges and shortlisting the colleges that match his aspirations, personality and probability of getting admission based on the alternative career choices that he aspires to pursue.

Profile building- Harnessing the students personality traits, skills, and aptitude by balancing out his profile making him a holistic individual who is also an attractive candidate for good academic institutions.

Application support- Providing support with college application, essays and soft-skill development for interviews and personality development.

Life-cultivation- Discussing the tools and techniques that the student would use in his daily life to cultivate a unique personality who can balance personal, social, physical, and spiritual aspects of life at an early age.