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Mental Health Counselling & Life Coaching

Mental Health Counselling

Any individual can face several issues in life related to mental health, emotional wellness, stresses, grief, uncertainty, existential crises- a need to discover oneself to lead a balanced and fulfilling life. 

While one does regular medical check-ups and visits a doctor to solve physical issues, issues that are linked to one’s psyche and mental stresses are not dealt with properly. 

Imagine if we took the wrong medicine or spoke to random people to treat health issues, haphazardly. What would the consequences be? 

It is the same with navigating life issues and psychosomatic problems, where one needs proper guidance and direction.

Categories of Mental Health Counselling to be displayed:

  • Emotional and Personal issues
  • Family and friends
  • Health and Wellness
  • Grief and loss
  • Existential issues

(Charges Rs.699/session)

mental health

Life Coaching

Life coaching helps you create a roadmap for you to live your ideal life. It helps your realize your ultimate purpose and potential in life. You learn to navigate professional, social, personal, physical, and spiritual aspects of life and make your life more fulfilling.

(Charges Rs.699/session)

What is Mental Health ?

Mental health has been called a “taboo subject” in our society, but it’s a topic that we need to start talking more about because it doesn’t discriminate.
Mental illness is a complicated issue that prevents countless individuals from living to their full potential. It affects our daily lives in more ways than we realize.
An average adult experiences a mental health problem in any/every given year. Mental health problems are common and affect people of all ages, incomes, and backgrounds.
Mental illness is a mental health problem that is difficult to manage, or that causes distress and impairment in a person’s everyday life.
Mental health refers to one’s ability to deal with the stresses of life. It is a state of well-being and individual abilities. This state helps individuals work productively and contribute to their community. It is the key to personal and professional success. There are several types of mental health. Read on to learn more about them. Listed below are some of the common types. There are also many different types of psychological conditions that can cause poor mental health.


What is Mental Health Counselling?

A mental health counselor helps people deal with the challenges of life and find ways to cope with their symptoms. They help people deal with problems in their personal lives. Whether the patient needs help with an addiction or is facing a toxic workplace, a mental health counselor can help them deal with the situation. They can help people cope with the difficulties of life. They can offer advice and strategies for coping with stress and life changes. In addition, they can provide treatment for mental disorders.

For those people who have a mental illness, a mental health counselor can offer guidance and help. This type of counselor helps them identify and overcome their problems. They can also help people cope with their depression. They can offer support, motivation and hope for recovery. If a person is struggling with a disorder, a mental health counselor can provide support and guidance. If a mental health counselor is a good fit for them, they will be able to deal with the challenges that come their way.

What does an Mental Health Counselor do?

A mental health counselor will discuss the problems that are affecting their lives and recommend ways to cope with them. A counselor can be helpful in many situations. It is not necessary to have an actual diagnosis, but they can advise clients on how to deal with their symptoms. They can help them deal with their feelings and their problems. It may also help improve their relationships with family and friends. They can also provide support for those who suffer from mental health problems.

What does a mental health counselor do?

A mental health counselor can help in various aspects of life that have led to mental health illness or disorder, including life challenges, relationship problems, unsettlement, and other distressing issues. Various methods of Psychotherapy involve assessing the behavioral patterns of the patient to derive meaningful reports. Often, mental health counselors can provide coping strategies to deal with life challenges. 

According to Aaron Sternlicht, who is a licensed mental health counselor “Counselors can provide support and guidance and help to identify triggers, cope with negative emotions and reduce symptoms in order to improve an individual’s quality of life,”. 

Online Mental Health Counselling Service

You can book online mental health counselling services with The Zen Ladder. We are a group of qualified mental health professionals who can help you deal with your life challenges and develop healthy coping strategies. Contact us via phone or email mentioned below.

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