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Career counselling plays a very important role in today’s competitive era. It is extremely important for a growth and career development. Many students are unaware of effective career choices and jump on the bandwagon of popular jobs. Counselling not only prepares them for academic, career, social and personal challenges but also develops their potential, improves mental strength and overall well-being.


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Career counselling is basically a structured process which helps a person to know themselves better, so as to make wise choices regarding their future career. Whether in real life or online, there are an abundance of avenues open to obtain such support and guidance. 

What is Career Counselling

The term Career counselling covers a wide range of work-related activities, including career counselling, career coaching, career planning and related services. It also covers assistance with issues such as starting up your own business, establishing careers, retraining, transfers and breaks, working or studying abroad, setting up a small business, growth and development and so on. In essence, career counselling helps people understand themselves better, and in turn, help them make rational and informed career decisions. Some areas of study which fall under this include counselling about what type of professional activity best suits you, what skills you possess, how to develop these skills, and where you can acquire these skills.

The need for career guidance or help may arise for numerous reasons, ranging from being dissatisfied with current employment to considering a career change. In addition, some people have difficulties in realizing their full potential because they lack a clear idea about what direction they should take in life. Career guidance helps in providing guidance on various aspects of personal and professional development, as well as helping individuals plan a new course of action or proceed with a certain job prospect. This helps in eliminating uncertainties that can lead to unwanted stress, anxiety and unhappiness in a person’s life. In fact, career counselling helps in making people aware of the various available options in the market, which in turn, helps them make rational decisions.

How to Find Best Career Counsellor Online?

The most effective way to find out about career counselling is to contact us and book a consultation with a professional career counsellor. Such a counsellor can help you decide upon the right career path for you by providing unbiased information based on his or her professional experience in this field. An experienced counsellor will also help you build a plan of action to meet your goals, both personally and professionally, in your chosen career.

Looking for an exciting career after Higher Education? Aiming for your next big deal or breakthrough? 
Book an Online Higher Education Career Consultation call with us Get to know yourself and reach for your journey’s highest peak.

Enjoy this journey of learning, growing, and making the most of what you have, and rise above your present situation with the guidance of our experts.

Welcome to The Zen Ladder Best Career Counselling in Kolkata

We, at ‘The Zen Ladder’, best career counselling in kolkata understand that every person is different, and is meant to live life differently. The word ‘Zen’ is derived from the Japanese term ‘Kaizen’, meaning continuous change for the better, therefore climbing ‘The Zen ladder’ is synonymous to becoming the best version of yourself and living your best life. We strive to nurture lives by recognising the unique personality traits, emotional, and mental mechanisms that each individual has, and is meant to serve the world in a unique way. We want to be the guiding light in helping individuals to lead their ideal life and upgrading the way they tackle life and career decisions.