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5 Benefits of Career Counselling

Benefits of Career Counselling

Career development is not just about choosing a career field or landing a job. It is a vast term that includes a lot of factors such as your interests, background, abilities, values, personality, circumstances, and much more. Career Counsellors help you understand yourself and the world around you to make valuable and fruitful life and career decisions.

It is not a momentary procedure but is a lifelong process that continues through the different stages of life. Throughout your life, you’ll face different situations that would affect your life and career decisions. It isn’t about taking career decisions now. It is about devising a plan based on your characteristics and giving you knowledge and skills to define your career and life decisions.

What is Career Counselling?

Counsellors help students/ job seekers by advising in the field of life, learning, and career. Career counselling is not limited to having a one-on-one personal session to understand the problems the person is facing. It involves various techniques like teaching theories and taking assessments to understand the knowledge gap. It also involves assessing career-related problems and devising a plan to solve them. Many counsellors use different techniques like different theories, interventions, and assessments. The aim here is to help the client go through proper career development. If the person is already doing a job, a counsellor will help him or her find job satisfaction.

Thus the three main objectives of a counsellor are:

  1. Think through problems
  2. Make career choices 

  3. Find job opportunities


Benefits of Career Counselling:

When it comes to career counselling, we often end up reaching out to seniors, acquaintances, or family members. Some people would give you a lot of insights based on their experiences. But the problem is, no matter how experienced your acquaintance is, he or she is not a professional career counsellor and the advice that they give, might not turn out to be suitable for you. Because let’s face it, everyone has different life circumstances, different character traits, and different upbringing. And the person who can assess all these aspects of your life to give the right career direction is a career counsellor. 

So, here are some benefits of career counselling that makes it the right choice to go for before deciding on a career field:

  1. To clarify career goals 

    A career counsellor takes you through different discussions and assessments that help you filter your career goals. Questions that a career counsellor might ask you are as follows:

    1. What are your interests, job or business values, and work-based preferences?
    2. Your best work experiences till now?
    3. Are you a team player? How cordial are your relationships with your leaders or managers?
    4. What is the best way you learn something? How do you face challenges and overcome them?

    These questions help you navigate through your work-related behaviour and help you know more about yourself. They play a key role in making informed and meaningful career decisions.

  2. Identifying career options

    You might not know but there are lakhs of career options out there. While seeking career counselling, you sort out the career options that revolve around your interests. The objective behind sorting out these options is to help you choose a career path that would give you job satisfaction and where there is a scope for good earnings. 

    Your counsellor will help you discover yourself by talking about the following aspects like personality, interests, capabilities, values, and background.

    This step will also involve identifying the education, course, or training you need to crack that career goal. Your counsellor will help you assess the scope of the field that you might be interested in. Not to mention, the source of information and right resources necessary for you to take your next step in your career’s journey.

  3. Determining strengths and weaknesses

    A counsellor apart from discussions and talk gives you a practical series of tests and assessments for the career goal judgment. This test includes personality tests, aptitude tests, psychometric analysis tests, and IQ tests. To identify your career path, you need to know your abilities. These tests are taken to identify the same. 

    Your career counsellor will show you what are your best aspects in the career field and where you need improvement and practice. 

  4. Skill building

    Your career counsellor will also help you in skill-building. This can include applying for jobs, attending interviews, and understanding the corporate world. They might take a mock job interview where they’ll ask you a range of interview questions. They’ll also provide you feedback and a report of your strengths and weaknesses. 

    This procedure can help you boost your confidence as you learn to answer difficult questions too. Communication skills are another aspect that you’ll learn while taking career counselling.

    Career counselling will help you be assertive. A career counsellor will teach you negotiation skills and help you prepare professionally.

  5. Developing the right strategies  

    Job search is not a generalized process, thus to identify a career path you need a one-on-one counselling session with your counsellor. A career counsellor will help you identify a career path based on the job experience and/or the type of job they’re seeking.

    Your career counsellor will help you define a strategy based on your personalized assessment. They will help you identify the network to give a boost to your career. 

If you are a student who is facing issues in choosing a career path, a job seeker who is facing difficulty landing a job, or a working professional who is struggling with a lack of job satisfaction, you might want to seek help from a career counsellor too. Here at The Zen Ladder, we can help you sort out your career-related issues. Connect with us via the contact number or email to get the counselling on best career options for you or your child.

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