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4 ways of leading a fulfilling life

Are you living life wrong? Discover 4 ways to lead a fulfilling life.

Ancient Indian wisdom has given us a framework of living life but unfortunately we have long forgotten those golden principles of living life in a pristine and fulfilling way.

1) Health and wellness – ‘Mithara’ in Sanskrit translates to moderate food. If we practice Mithara our bodies are at ease and we are protected from dis-ease. We can practice ‘Mithara’ by being perfectly aware and focused on the food we eat, during our meals and enjoy it with all our senses instead of distracting ourselves with gadgets while eating. If we do this our stomach tells us when to stop and we will not be able to overeat and strain our digestive systems.

Additionally our body is our temple, the mind and body are connected intensely so much so that problems in the mind can be manifested in the body. While all kinds of body movement and exercise helps us to stay physically fit. The ancient practice of Yoga helps you balance both your mind and body. Usually when one takes part in physical activity they have to divide their work-outs into strength, mobility, cardio and flexibility. Yoga combines all such physical benefits and additionally strengthens the mind, helps in restoring internal organs back to its state of ease hence helping us building immunity and induce healing to all organs of our body.

2) Mental and Spiritual growth:

We are thirsty for relationships, tasty food, material wealth, we count on these temporary materialistic joys to keep us happy, but they are insubstantial to satisfy us and that is why we feel empty. It is very easy for us to get caught up in such distractions, to help us focus on reality and actually experiencing substantial permanent happiness, we need to centre ourselves, by escaping the noise and focusing on one object. This can then be followed by meditation which helps us discover the abundance of joy within ourselves. Meditation helps us realise the impermanence of the world, the delusion of desires as well as the folly of our ego that manifests in the form of fear and anger.

3) Personal Growth and Recreation:

We were made with five senses so that while we grow and achieve our purpose in life we also enjoy the journey. Hence each of us should take up a hobby that we enjoy, which makes us feel alive and at the same time challenges us. And we should also enjoy good food, great ambiences and experiences, our material possessions in moderation, in such a way that we enjoy it but it doesn’t consume us.

If we balance these 3 aspects of life we will feel fulfilled. While one can always read and follow such precepts when one experiences life in all its fullness it gets etched in one’s memory. We at ‘The Zen Ladder’ can counsel and coach you to balance your life and  help you in mental health counseling also to reach your ultimate potential.

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